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FEEDBACK management tool

Cut the noice. Focus on
the valuable feedback.
Collect feedback from your customers
and turn the valuable ones into a task.
Feedback Management Module
Producter simplifies customer feedback management for product teams.
Connect feedback with a task
Identify valuable feedback and connect with a task in a few clicks.
Inform your users automatically
Keep your users up-to-date with automated email notifications.
Give your users a place to engage
Collect valuable feedback by providing your users a dedicated feedback board.


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Listen to your customers and understand their
— without switching tabs in your browser.

User Feedback Panel

Centralize product feedback coming from email, Slack, Zendesk or any other tool in one place.

    Why customers love us
    Rising star in product feedback“Producter is a rising star in product feedback. It’s very easy to integrate and use. Provides all we need. We get direct and valuable feedback from users.”
    Dirk SchmeddingCPO, Contentpepper
    Simple and clean tool“I like being able to provide my customers with transparency into what features are being considered lets them know that their requests are not falling on deaf ears.”
    Kevin KramerProduct Manager, Align
    The greatest cost is not knowing what to buildConnect impactful feedback with actionable tasks. Let your users know you care about their feedback.
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